Monday, February 25, 2013

Slope-Intercept Form Battleship

I've seen a few variations of using the famous game Battleship in math class.  Who among us hasn't used it (or at least the concept) when reinforcing graphing coordinate pairs?

Taking it in a slightly more advanced direction, let's make a 4 quadrant Battleship grid.  And let's require kids to write equations in slope-intercept form, graph them, and develop a strategy for this process. (Putting equations in point-slope would be a great substitute if you want one.)

Here's how it works:

Materials (for each team of two students):
1 paper Battleship board (or graph paper with axes drawn and labeled)
1 Record sheet (or notebook paper)
2 different colored pencils or markers
1 ruler

1. Place students in pairs and distribute materials.   Depending on the level of your students and their experience with slope-intercept form, you might consider doing one round as a whole class activity, as a "beat the teacher" sort of thing before you pair off.
2. Students take turns placing their ships.  Ensure that the dots are placed on integer ordered pairs.
3. Students take turns writing and graphing equations that hit their opponents ships.  They should record the equation they choose and the point or points the line hits on the ships. 
4. Encourage students to look for lines that will result in more than one hit at a time.  These spice up the game.
5. The first player to hit all nine coordinates occupied by his opponent's ships wins.  Prizes are always welcome!
6. I'm photocopying the board double sided so that my students can do a rematch and refine their strategies.  The graded portion of this activity include reflection on strategy.
7. Complete reflection activity independently (as HW, perhaps).

Here are some photos of my sample.  I'll share this with my class so they can see what I'm looking for.

Game Board filled in

Record sheet- I won't plan to grade this, but it keeps kids accountable and will help if they have a question or dispute to bring to me
Want to try this in your classroom?  If I did it right, the file should show up below. I just got, yay!

Or try this link: Battleship PDF

I'm posting to Made 4 Math Monday because I made it and it's Monday!

Mathematically yours,
Miss B


  1. Hi Miss B

    Don't seem to find link. I would love to try this!
    Can I get a copy? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for calling the missing file to my attention. It should be working now. :)

    1. can you please send it to me on

  3. The pdf for your battleship game is not working. Is there another link? I would love to try this with my 8th graders next week. Thanks!

    1. Cindy, it's working on my end. If you leave me an e-mail address, I'll send it to you directly. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Also, you can try to download it using the down arrow in the bottom right corner of the window. Thanks!

    3. Thanks Kathryn. My email is

    4. Love this idea. I'm thinking about having it as a tournament using groups...

    5. Please let me know how it works for your students!

    6. Could You send it to my email as well? Please and thank you!

  4. Came across this for my students and it would be a great review for them. They love games like this to help them learn! Any chance you can send me the blank file so that I can print it off? My email is Thank you so much!! :)

  5. hi miss kathryn.. I think students will enjoy playing this game. i just wanna ask if is it required of them to know how to solve equations given the two points? i'm looking forward for your answers :) thank you and Godbless:)

  6. Hello Kathryn - Can you send the link to ? I can't get the PDF download to work. This would be a great review activity for my class.
    Emily Carroll

  7. Do you mind sending to me, please? I've been doing slope intercept form with my 8th graders and they look like zombies, I'm hoping this will shake them up and get them to learn something! Lol...

  8. Hi! I will be student teaching in the Fall and came across this wonderful slope activity that I would love to incorporate in my classroom. Would you be able to send me the link as well with the blank PDF that I could use?

  9. Hi, This looks great! Is there any chance you would mind sending this activity to my email -

  10. I randomly found your battleship worksheet game on Google, and I just wanted to say how awesome it is! Thank you for this. You should sell this stuff on TPT!

  11. Good evening,
    I know that it is late, but I came across this activity and thought my kiddos would love to have something different. It is something my virtual kids can play with those in person. My email address is

    Thank you so much,
    C. Tillman