Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Interactive Notebook Professional Development Presentation

I've been leading PD at my school for several years now; I think I did my first session back in 2010, but most times I've been part of a team unless I was just presenting to math teachers from my building.

My county organized a "technology conference" this week.  Teachers signed up to teach sessions and other teachers were able to select sessions to attend.  We all get paid, which is a fabulous perk!  I hesitated to present because I wasn't sure what I had enough knowledge to present on for three hours.  That's a long amount of time to fill with one topic!  I knew I was proud of my Interactive Notebooks, so I decided to present them and to have my participants make their own ISN about ISNs before I set them free to explore the internet and find things they could use or more inspiration for their classrooms.

Here's my presentation.  If you're thinking of getting started with ISNs, feel free to go through it and ask any questions you may have.  I'm also going to post pictures of the pages we did about interactive notebooks.  Know that they're blank because they're from my example book.  Everyone filled them out as we went through the presentation.

 Here are the handouts that go into the notebook:

And here are the notebook pages.  Remember, they're not filled in because my students were adults and I left the notetaking up to them as I went through my slides. 

One of the coolest things about today was talking to colleagues in all disciplines about how they would use ISNs.  I had a cosmetology teacher, an alternative school teacher (for students who are expelled from a traditional setting), special education teachers, an art teacher, math teachers, and ELA teachers.  Everyone today taught at the secondary level.  I will give this presentation again tomorrow and I know there are one or two elementary teachers registered, as well as more secondary teachers.  

What questions do you have about implementing ISNs?

Mathematically yours,
Miss B