Monday, February 11, 2013

Factoring Polynomials Tarsia

It's time for Made 4 Math Monday!  I have a Polynomial Factoring Tarsia/Puzzle to share today.  This mixes all of the forms of factoring that my students have been working on in the past two weeks.  I've seen lots of Tarsia examples on Pinterest but the free software is only PC compatible and I typically use a Mac.  My PC is a bit of a dinosaur, so I haven't even tried out the software yet, so I went old school on this! 

Answer Key: You'll need to check that the pieces are in the correct rotation so that the sides actually match.  The 16 pieces form an equilateral triangle.
Row 1:            N
Row 2:        A G  C
Row 3:     J  K I   B D
Row 4: O E L  F  P H  M

My other Made4Math item this week is new tubs for each table in my classroom.  We christened them today and so far, so good.  I even had a bunch of comments from my 5th period class: "Wow, you bought us new tubs!"  "Those look really good!"  It's nice to be noticed.  The materials all fit nicely when I filled them up this morning and kids didn't need much time at all to get and replace the things we used today.  I seriously hope this is my last venture into reorganizing supplies this year since we're halfway in and on the third system! 


  1. Thanks for the link to Tarsia...hadn't seen that program before

  2. searching for more..............................

  3. This puzzle was great. Though I think there is a typo on M - the middle term should be 21x and not 18x