Monday, September 16, 2013

Notebook Check

It's time to start checking the contents of students' Interactive Notebooks.  My plan is to check them roughly every three weeks beginning this week.  I have just shy of 80 students, so I'm planning to check 20 notebooks Monday through Thursday during a normal notebook check week and to get any stragglers on Friday.

I shared a rubric during the summer that I'm using with my classes.  Today, I guided my students through their notebooks and pointed out the portions that needed to be complete prior to my checking the notebooks.  Several students realized they had a few portions to complete or improve before their first grade. Tomorrow, we're going to all mock grade our notebooks before I collect any.  I want the students to grade their notebook and then see if my grade matches theirs. 

One expectation that I have for my students is that if they do not earn full credit for completeness on a notebook check, they must catch up prior to the next notebook check.  In other words, if they didn't have pages complete for notebook check #1, those pages will roll over into notebook check #2.  Double jeopardy?  Perhaps.  However, I feel like it's the best way to truly hold students accountable for staying on top of everything. 

To help with this notebook check process, I posted this sign in the classroom.  The reverse side says "next week" so I can post it prior to the notebook check also.  The main thing here is to include the page numbers so students have direction as to what they need to look over prior to notebook checks. 
This is my #Made4Math Monday entry.  I think it's been three or four weeks since I've posted one, so I'm happy to have something to share, however small.  Want the file?  Here it is ready to print. 

Mathematically yours,
Miss B

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