Monday, August 4, 2014


When I was a student, I loved shopping for school supplies.  In fact, I liked it much more than shopping for back-to-school clothes.  My mom instilled the importance of getting a good deal, so I wasn't one of the kids with the Lisa Frank collection or fancy (and banned) Trapper Keeper.  But, I always carefully chose my notebooks and binders to coordinate with the subject.  Math class was always green and I remember in tenth grade that I managed to find a binder in each color of the rainbow for my seven classes.  Once I selected my favorite pencils and pens (in high school, Bic Velocity), I  labeled everything before the first day.  There was also always a box under my bed with extra supplies in case something ran out during the year.  You could say I was a little obsessive.  :)

It's no surprise, then, that as a teacher I love choosing, organizing, and labeling my school supplies.  When I started using Interactive Notebooks last year, I knew I wanted them to be color coded.  Everything I use for my classes is color coded pink/purple, green, blue, or red.  So, I decorated my notebooks last year using scrapbooking papers and washi tape.  I was back at it today and so happy I remembered I had some cool Parisian-themed papers, even if they don't match the color scheme.

The ruler washi tape measures accurately.  How cool is that?  97 cents at Walmart!

This mathy paper is my favorite.  I bought a 25-sheet pack and I'll be sad when it's gone. 

My homeroom got the boring one.  I liked the pink leopard print paper I used last year much better.

Isn't she adorable?  I'm glad I remembered I had this paper and so glad Mom bought it for me a while ago.  This will be for French I.

What do your notebooks look like? 

Mathematically yours,
Miss B

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  1. LOVE the mathematical scrapbook paper! And, I obviously need more washi tape! :) Your notebooks are adorbs.