Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vertical Number Line

I should have been typing up lesson plans.  That's boring.

Instead, I read Sarah's blog post about using vertical number lines.  My students this year are worse than ever at integers.  Ugh.  How does that keep happening?  I suppose this group's problem might be from elementary school because they're also having trouble with 8x3 and 12-7.  Anyway, rather than complain, let's give them tools to get past the hurdle.  Sarah's individual number lines are a good start.  She mentioned in her post that she wanted a wall version.  I've gotten quite adept at MS Word tables lately, so I made one.

Enjoy.  I think I'm going to make mine neon green. 

EDIT: In a couple of minutes I made a horizontal version too.  If, like me, you ordered a number line only to find out it was discontinued (really?), you might need one of these as well.

EDIT 2: I shouldn't do school stuff late at night. In the first version, I managed to make the vertical number line upside down. It's fixed now. I could really use a proofreader! :)
How do you approach students' misconceptions with integers?

Mathematically yours,
Miss B


  1. Super quick question about these - but first, I must mention that this looks great, thanks for sharing! For some reason, my brain is obsessed with symmetry for number lines. Is there a reason for more positives than negatives on yours? Just curious.

    1. Nope, not a real reason at all. I do have to thank you, though, because your comment had me go back and look to see that I'd actually put the numbers so the greater numbers were at the bottom. That's why I shouldn't do things late at night. I've updated the file, so you can download it again if you want to use it.

    2. And if you'd like me to make you a symmetrical one, tell me the range and I'll get it made.