Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day #9

Today marks the beginning of my ninth year teaching.  I've enjoyed my career thus far and the inevitable changes keep it interesting!

Here's a peek into what my first day was like:

7:30- arrive at school; swing through the math hallway to greet teachers
7:40- help students navigate to their homerooms
7:50- homeroom has started; check e-mail
8:25- homeroom ends; help students navigate the halls
8:30- track down testing headphones in the media center; help the computer lab facilitator and media specialist with Google calendar issues
9:15- check in regarding log-in information for online diagnostic test
9:25- drop off headphones and let teacher know we're still waiting on log-ins for the last two students
9:50- log ins are OK, so we start testing
10:30- return to office; call a parent to address a scheduling concern
11:00- find a teacher who wanted Google contacts help
11:30- more e-mail; talk with principal about furniture needs
12:00- conference with teacher regarding curriculum and resources
12:30- remember that I've missed my lunch period and eat lunch at my desk instead of with colleagues
1:00- return to pre-algebra class for more diagnostic testing
1:30- visit our school within a school for students with behavioral needs to check in and provide log-ins
2:00- get called to the library to discuss scheduling with a student
2:30- get a list of students with calculator accommodations and begin preparing materials for their teachers to use in daily instruction
5:00- discuss the first day with two teachers who popped in on their way home
5:15- leave school, make dinner, and start working on FAME
7:30- finish working on FAME website/correspondence from home

How was your first day?

Mathematically yours,
Miss B

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