Friday, September 28, 2012

Classifying Systems of Linear Equations.

 I set my students to work today on a sorting activity for systems of linear equations.  Systems is a review topic from Algebra I, but a topic that still gives many of them trouble.  I gave the students this paper to cut apart:

After a few minutes of cutting, I gave them this chart onto which they pasted the vocabulary and examples after solving the systems on the reverse of the paper.  
 They ended up with a chart like this one. 

What worked well: The students were able to self-check because they knew there would be two of each type of system.  Since there were 6 graphs, the students had a couple of opportunities to practice the solutions to each kind of system. 

What needs improvement: I should have labeled the systems and graphs with A-F prior to copying the sheets; I had the kids do the labels instead.  The kids complained that the graph paper was too small, though most of them managed just fine. 

UPDATE 1/6/13: The files shown below are available for download as a pdf.  I've marked the graphs and systems A-F as indicated above.  Thanks for visiting!   


  1. I love this!!!!! I just stumbled on your blog and love it! Thank you!