Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update: Storage pouches

Before school started, I posted about the storage pouches I was planning to use for my kids' desks this year.  As a middle school teacher, I see several groups of students throughout the day, so I wanted to have an easy supply set-up that wouldn't require materials to be passed out and collected each class period.  I also wanted a system that would be quiet and easy to operate.

So far, the storage pouches are doing their job nicely.  I did have three come off of the desk when the fabric loop unraveled.  Because they were all together and the same color, I'm going to blame that on faulty craftsmanship, not my kids.

Students have already accessed most of the materials in the pouches.  They are able to get what they need without leaving their seats or dumping the materials onto the floor, my two main worries prior to trying this out.  They're even doing a fairly good job remembering to put away what they've used and I'm doing a good job reminding them to do so.  I've only caught one runaway protractor on the floor in a week, so I think we're doing well. 

If you're looking for a way to organize supplies at student desks (and you aren't terribly worried about theft), I would recommend this method!  This wouldn't be a good method to use if you can't trust your students to return their materials when you ask them to do so.  I'm lucky to have a fairly trustworthy group most years, so I don't have too many materials walk.  Most of the materials that walk eventually find their way back because they've been accidentally liberated.  ;-) 

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