Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A good day

I feel that it's important to remember the good days at work.  This is purely so I can look back on a good day later. 

My morning started with a visit from the specialist at my old school.  I helped him with benchmark things he had questions about for Algebra I ever so briefly.  He was thrilled to see how I had organized benchmark items and was going to reorganize his in the same way.  Win. 

I went to an Algebra II class that was doing a PARCC infrastructure test/sample test.  It seemed like we had few technical glitches and students were doing fine with the technology.  Win.

I found out what testing sessions I will be administering or proctoring over the next four weeks.  I am not testing every single day and only one of my groups is extended time.  Win.  

I went to two Algebra classes who were also doing the infrastructure test and helped students check their work, then coached them on what mistakes they could correct.  Win.

I caught the awards from our school's Poetry Out Loud competition.  I'm sorry I missed the actual recitations but I was needed in Algebra class then.

I got a surprise visit and big hug from a former student who is now a freshman in college studying Spanish and French and planning to study abroad in Spain and France. Also, he delivered Rice Krispie Treats.  So, yeah, gotta love that kid! 

I got a geometry class through the PARCC Practice, their unit test, and classwork since the teacher was sick and not in school. 

I got my Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) in my mailbox.  To qualify for this teaching certificate, you need either a Master's Degree or National Board Certification with 12 Master's credits.  After I qualified in April, I sent the paperwork in over the summer and finally got my new certificate back.  I'd forgotten about it, to be honest.  With that new certificate comes a little pay increase, so that was a nice surprise before the holidays!  The other surprise is that my French certification changed.  I used to be certified for French 7-12 and am now certified for French PreK-12.  My cousin suggested I start a virtual French Pre-K so she can enroll her son and the rest of the little cousins in the family.  Hehe!  I don't have any designs on that but maybe I'll teach them a few words at Christmas! 

I saw another former student, this one from my first year of teaching, as my cashier at the grocery store.  I have taught almost all of the young cashiers at the local store and it's always nice to chat with them for a minute or two and hear how their lives are going.  

Oh, and it was the last day before break.  How can you beat that?

What was one good thing that happened to you today?

Mathematically yours,
Miss B

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