Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom DIY

After looking at the black vinyl covering on my school stool for a little too long, I was inspired to recover it.  I keep seeing all these adorable classrooms on Pinterest and while I'm not going to sink hundreds into classroom decor, I was happy to cough up $2 for this project! 

I purchased 5/8 of a yard of striped corduroy from Wal-mart's clearance fabric.  At $3/yd, this was a steal!  I love that they brought back a fabric section in my store because they have really reasonable prices on fabrics when I need them for school.  I got my curtain fabric there four years ago and it was very inexpensive, too.  I don't have a strict color scheme or theme, but most everything I've brought into the space is a bright or neon color.  When I've chosen things with a pattern, they've been polka-dotted or striped.  It's a loose theme, but I'm trying to make it look happy! 
At first, I planned to sew a cover with elastic.  Then I reconsidered the effort that would take and decided to go a more permanent and expedient route.  Enter tacks and a hammer.  Free!  A staple gun would have been ideal but as I didn't have access to one,  I got creative.  I may go back and paint the legs, but I first want to check if the matching stool is still at my parents' house.  I took this one from their old basement bar and wouldn't want to paint this one if the other one is still hanging around and normal looking! 

Have you done anything to make your classroom take on your personality?  Do you have a theme, color scheme, or design aesthetic that influences your choices?  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! 

Miss B

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