Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Thanks for visiting my new blog.  I currently teach Pre-Algebra and Intermediate Algebra at a middle school and as I was beginning to be inspired for the new school year, I found I had lots to share.  While Pinterest is fun, I needed a place to share my own creations. 

I chose "i is a number" for the title of my blog because it gets at my love of math and sounds like poor grammar- one of my major pet peeves.  Teaching students about i last year for the first time was such an experience!  "Really, kids, it's a number.  I promise!"

I don't know how regularly I'll get to update as the school year progresses, but I'm looking forward to networking with other secondary math teachers, especially any with PBL or STEM experiences to share.  I hope you find something here you can use and that you let me know if you do.  Thanks again for visiting! 

Miss B

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