Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Recap

I often wonder if other teachers view summer vacation in the same way that I do.  From September to May, the words "summer vacation" evoke a feeling of longing.  That's longing for calm, relaxation, freedom from a schedule, and no dress code.  From June to August, my life feels fuller than it does during the school year and I wonder why on Earth I thought "summer" was synonymous with "relaxation."  Don't get me wrong, I pack enough fun into my summers that they don't feel like work, but I do wonder why I never feel rested!  Since I go back to work on Tuesday, I thought I'd share a little recap of my summer bucket list. 

Some of my summer fun included:
  • vacationing with my family in Seattle (and seeing Mt. Ranier up close and personal in the snow in June)
  • eating steamed crabs three times in a month (probably a personal record)
  • going to Massachusetts twice to visit family
  • throwing a bachelorette party and bridal shower for my best friend
  • playing trivia night at the local pub (and nearly winning)
  • reorganizing my craft room
  • culling unwanted clothing and shoes from my closets (and subsequently buying more items to replace the cast-offs)
  • catching up with all of my closest friends (mostly in person except for those who live very far away)
  • welcoming soon-to-be-born babies at two baby showers (can't wait until next month to meet them along with the baby that my cousin is due to have later this month!)
  • planting my best garden to date (and then watching it wither under the extreme heat and drought conditions my state dealt with in July)
  • watching way too many DVDs
  • making hundreds of cards for Operation Write Home
  • spending 5 days working on PD at school related to Common Core and Universal Design for Learning so that I'm prepared to deliver inservice to my co-workers this school year
  • setting up my classroom (work, but fun work!)
  • having each of my parents come visit for a few days on separate mini vacations so we could have some quality time together
  • spending a day at the beach
  • taking in Summerfest, my town's annual festival
  • ordering ice cream at the local deli where a single scoop (the size of a grapefruit) costs just $2.49 and is often served by a former student
  • finally covering my sofa (goodbye blue plaid fabric, hello tan fabric)
  • completing three unique baby blankets and finally feeling like I know something about knitting and crocheting
Some things I wish I'd done but never got around to:
  • kayaking (this might still happen in the next few weeks)
  • organizing my filing cabinet in a way that it will be useful (could be tomorrow's project)
  • emptying the pantry and reorganizing it (just not enthused on this one)
I'm happy that my list of thing undone is so short and that the things on that list are possible to complete during the school year.  My best friend is visiting over Labor Day weekend and we are planning on kayaking if spending the day at the beach doesn't pan out.

How are you winding down summer and gearing up for the new school year?  

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