Monday, August 5, 2013

180 Days

I just saw a fun idea over on Twitter and I'm going to (try to) jump on the bandwagon this year, along with everything else I'll be doing in 13-14.

Much like the 365 bloggers or Project Life scrapbookers, I'll be posting once a day for the 180 days of school.  You can expect lots of these to be just photos with minimal captions.  I'll try to keep up with semi-regular posts of interesting ideas and thoughts as well.  To see all of my 180 posts, just use the tab at the top of my blog. My first day of teaching is August 26th, but I might start with a few sneak peeks of my classroom the week prior. 

Based on suggestions from a few other bloggers, I'm starting an additional blog for these 180s so they'll be easy to view.  You can find it here:  Come on over and follow it so you can have a look inside my classroom everyday. 

Several other tweeps are going to do this as well and I'll add links to their 180s below.  If you're joining in, leave me a comment with a link so I can add to this list.  Also note what subject/grade you teach if it's not clear from your title.  Thanks!

170ish Days of Math (Out of the Zone)
180 days of Math Post-its (Teacher Leaders)
180 days of Geometry (Crazy Math Teacher Lady)
180 days (Restructuring Algebra) 
Peek Inside my Classrooom (druinok)

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