Friday, August 16, 2013

Ch- ch- ch- changes

I spent the last week vacationing in San Diego with my family.  We enjoyed the weather, the zoo, the U.S.S. Midway, and much more.  As soon as I got home today, I wanted to head over to school.  We weren't allowed in our rooms until this week, so I wanted to get in there as soon as I got home to get a handle on what I need to tackle in the next week!

I found a few changes are under way for 13-14.  First of all, a new interactive whiteboard system was hanging on the wall.  Surprise!  I had a SMARTboard that never truly cooperated with my computer, so I called it the "dumb board" and used it as a screen mostly.  After countless failed lessons ("OK, everyone, it looks like my computer's frozen, so I'll just switch over to a paper copy and the document camera..."), I threw in the towel and I don't think I used it once last year.  It was about 8 years old, so I suppose it was time for a modern replacement.  I just didn't know I was getting one!  Now we'll be trained next week how to use these darlings.  I'm hoping we get some new software too; the SMARTnotebook software was never my favorite. 

We're becoming a PBIS school, so we're going to have a school-wide "acknowledgment" system instead of grade-level incentives.  It sounds really promising, taking the better aspects of what we did before and making them consistent throughout the school.  I think we'll be getting rid of our grade-level economy as it would be largely redundant.  That's a bit sad, but it had its flaws, so I'm happy to try something new. 

Oh, and I totally rearranged my classroom.  I moved my desk to a different corner, put some cabinets in different spots (they're large and on wheels), and still have no idea where my document camera should live.  Right now, I think I want to try to keep my old projector to use with it so I can project from my computer and document camera simultaneously.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  I'd love input. 

Other big things on the horizon for 13-14 are:
1. NBCT process
2. Teaching the new Common Core for 8th grade math (and refining the CC Algebra I course I taught last year)
3. Implementing Interactive Notebooks for the first time
4. Continuing my role as STEM representative for my school and presenting follow-up inservice on STEM/PBL to the rest of the staff. 

Bring it on, 13-14!  

Mathematically yours,
Miss B


  1. My school is becoming a PBIS school this year as well. I look forward to hearing how your school implements the program. I will be finding out what we are going on Wednesday at my school, but look forward to it as we did not have any type of school wide program in place previously.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog when I googled, "8th grade math common core blog"

    Holy cow, we have some similiarities here!

    1. We shifted to common core, and are really trying to fully implement it this year.
    2. I'm also doing NBCT certification this year
    3. We are also a PBIS School...we implemented a few years ago, and I really like it.
    4. I'm implementing Interactive Math Notebooks this year as well!
    5. I'm also a "Ms. B" and teach 8th grade math (and a section of geometry)

    I'd love to bounce ideas off you, share resources etc! I look forward with your blog!
    Email if you desire: or twitter @SBianchet