Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Officially back to work!

It was the Back to School kick off today at work.  We had our district wide meeting, complete with a visit from our State Superintendent.  Her visit meant a lot to me; we're a very small county compared to others in our state and not located close to the state offices, so it's unusual for us to get that kind of attention.  The central office had also organized a wellness fair for us.  Frankly, that just added to our stress because we wanted to get to our schools to work, but I have to admit that it was well executed.  At the end of the day, we met with our grade level team to discuss some of the mundane back to school items such as schedules and locker breaks.

I went back to school at 3 to do some work.  My room is so close to being done!  Tomorrow for sure it will be; I'll stay until it is.  I will need Thursday for curriculum work!

Here's a peek at my classroom library.  I bought a "real" bookcase last year to replace some very pathetic plastic crates.  It makes me happy that I can offer a good number of choices and have a dozen or more math-specific books that the kids can choose.  Of couse, those are the ones I featured on the top!

What are your favorite books for middle school math classrooms?

Mathematically yours,
Miss B


  1. I've moved to seventh grade this year and I'll be teaching one section of literature. There is a classic short story by Isaac Asimov, "The Feeling of Power" that I plan to have the students read. It is certainly not something they would pull off the shelf on their own accord, but it is timeless literature. It's about an advanced society that has left everything for the computer to do, but a lowly programmer has learned to multiply. There's more to the story, but here's a glimpse:

    Aub continued, his hand trembling a little. Finally he said in a low voice, "The answer is
    three hundred and ninety-one."

    Congressman Brant took out his computer a second time and flicked it, "By Godfrey, so it is. How did he guess?"

    "No guess, Congressman," said Shuman. "He computed that result. He did it on this sheet
    of paper."

    There are a few other wonderful classics in the anthology, The Mathematical Magpie.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion of these titles. I'll check with my school's media specialist to see if we have them or if we can order them.