Monday, August 19, 2013

It's no wonder I always feel busy!

On Friday, I was talking with a colleague about the upcoming school year and the changes we're going to face, especially in regard to additional record keeping.  She said she was planning to make herself an afternoon checklist so that she would be sure to have everything done before she left the building.  She joked that it was because she was getting old, but I told her I could also benefit from such a list.  

This afternoon, I sat down to type out a list of the things I do after school.  Note that actually planning lessons and grading papers don't figure into this list.  I aim to do those things during my planning period or at home.  This list is just the other aspects of my job.  While I was at it, I also made my morning routine list.  I get to school about 45-55 minutes before the students arrive, so there's also time then to grade a small stack of papers or pull together some ideas for an upcoming lesson plan.  

Morning Routine
 Print lesson plans and papers to be copied
 Check mailbox, sign in, and deliver copy requests (We don't make our own copies; we have a staff member who runs the photocopiers.)
 Update boards
 Check e-mail
 Deliver TAP work (TAP is our in-school suspension)
 Unlock calculators

Afternoon Routine

During waves: ("Waves" are our dismissal groups.  We have 4 waves and the process takes 15+ minutes.  I typically have a handful of kids in my room who will be able to help with some of these tasks.)
 Change the date
 Lock calculators
 Attendance in Power School (We do this every period, but I have a tendency to forget the last class of the day every now and again.)
 Check e-mail
 TAP list, gather work
 Log parent contacts
 Photo 180 (This should be done during the day, but I'll have a back up reminder if I forgot earlier.)
 Label and file missed work (This should have been done during the day, but I'll also collect work for students with upcoming absences at this time.)

After waves: (I'll continue the list above and add in these tasks that aren't well suited to completion during dismissal.)
 Check mailbox
 Math Maintenance
 Daily grades in Power School
 Weekly files up-to-date
 Student files up-to-date

What does your routine look like?  

Mathematically yours, 
Miss B

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